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Good tea bring a happy day!

Sayama Tea

Sayama Tea is a brand of the green tea that is cultivated around Saitama Prefecture which is near Tokyo.


Different from Chinese green tea, Japanese green tea has umami  (flavor of the highest quality) and it embodies the essence of Japanese culture too.  


Especially Sayama tea is distinctive for its profound smell and sweetness that are provided from thick tea leave because of the cold weather around Sayama.


Furthermore, every tea farmer do make, process and sell their tea by themselves although they are not so large scale.



Japanese green tea contains many active ingredients said to be beneficial to the health.


Catechin,for antitumour, anti-cancer, antiobesity, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiinfluenza, blood cholesterol levels inhibition, etc.  Teanin for ataractic, antagonism with caffein, relax and cerebral nerve cell protection etc.


Caffein for awakening, diuresis, cardiotonic and excito-metabolism.


Vitamin C for stress reduction, prevention of cold, cataract-preventing and antitumor action improving. etc.


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